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What If I Can Be Free From the Chains of Inadequacy

Originally written January 22, 2021

If who the Son set free is free indeed, why do I still struggle to break free from the chains of inadequacy

Why do I still struggle with fear, depression, and anxiety

Why is it easier to list a million things I cannot do than it is to list a single good thing about me that I believe to be true

Why is it so easy to believe that I’ll never be good enough

But what if I could believe something different? What if I could measure up?

What if I can do things I think I cannot do
What if I can accept change even when I don’t want to

What if I can move forward and I can be free
What if I can release my past and become a new me
What if I can let go of anger and let go of anxiety

What if I can unlock my chains because the key is inside of me
What if I can build the future that I see in my dreams
What if I can be a light to others who struggle like me

What if I can figure out any solution
What if I can confidently fail
What if I believed that failure will teach me exactly how to prevail

What if all of the battles that I’ve fought along the way have prepared me to become the person I am today

A person who is willing to listen and accept full responsibility
A person who knows that a victim mentality won’t get me where I want to be
A person who knows that I can succeed only if I follow through

What if I can choose NOT to quit no matter how bad I want to

What if I can choose to ask for help instead of drowning in negative thoughts about myself, staying inside this box and excluding everyone else.

What if I believed that I was capable of so much more

What if I believed that I can allow myself to soar and finally live a life that I have never lived before

A life of freedom and unparalleled self-respect
A life no longer burdened by self-sabotage or self-pity
A life I don’t regret
A life filled with love, joy and peace of mind and heart

A life that can begin today if only I’ll decide to start

What if the next step was to stop looking for proof because there is nothing or no one that can prove I am good enough to do the things that I think I cannot do

What if I stopped believing the lie that I am incompetent and unqualified
What if I let the Holy Spirit truly be my guide

What if there’s still a part of me that has given up and is not willing to try…

…Thankfully I can trust that the Holy Spirit will still be there when I decide to change my mind

Break Every Chain by Tasha Cobbs

I couldn’t mention breaking chains without mentioning this song. If you haven’t heard it before the link is below.

Another Tasha Cobb classic – Fill Me Up – https://youtu.be/OKWkYxikygQ

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